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Provenance: Daniela Pennycook, University of Colorado at Boulder
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The Climate Collage - IPCC reports explained in a fun and collaborative way

Abstract: The Climate Collage (originally La Fresque du Climat in French) is the name of both a serious game about climate change, and of the non-profit organization aiming at making the game as widely available as possible and providing support to the growing community of participants and facilitators. It is played in groups of about 6 people over 3 hours and facilitated by an animator. The goal is to let participants gain a good understanding of what climate change is: the causes, consequences, challenges and systemic obstacles, and to initiate a discussion about the changes we'd like to see happen. All content is based on the IPCC reports. It adapts to all kinds of participants, from politicians, business executives, young professionals and state officials to students, school kids (with a kid version), convicts, the girl next door and your other neighbors. The Climate Collage community has grown successfully in France, reaching a total of 25,000 participants and about 1,500 animators in one year. We believe the key of its success is that it is "fun" and pedagogic, collaborative and science-based. It is also very simple to use: all you need is a table, some paper, a set of cards, pens and colored felt pens and an animator.

The Climate Collage is sponsored by French paleoclimatologist and co-chair of IPCC group #1 Valérie Masson-Delmotte and French glaciologist Jean Jouzel.

Bio: After working 7 years in digital and data marketing, Lan Anh VU HONG is now working as an independent consultant to promote a social, energy and environmental transition to a sustainable way of life. She works with businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to raise the level of awareness around climate challenges and make desirable changes happen. She is particularly interested in the topics of resilience, social justice and the food system. She has been involved with the development of the Climate Collage since early 2019 as a volunteer, working on topics such as growth, governance and digital communication. She is a certified trainer and animator of the game, which she has facilitated in all kinds of contexts.

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