CLEAN Teleconference Call March 17, 2015

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Brief Overview of Energy Literacy Video Series

At the nexus of climate change is energy. From weather patterns and food chains, to human society's daily electricity and heating needs, to the toys kids use, energy is everywhere. Understanding energy and its role in our lives can help us make better-informed decisions about our homes, communities, and our world. Incorporating energy into your classroom or program is crucial whether you are a science, math or even a social studies teacher.

To help bring energy to you and your students, check out the new Energy Literacy Video series and the Energy Literacy Quick Start Guide aligned to Common Core Standards and the Next Generation of Science Standards. The video series and accompanying lessons are also aligned with the Department of Energy's (DOE), Energy Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education framework. The videos help to engage students on the 7 Principles of energy outlined in the Framework.

The Quick Start Guide and sample Social Studies lessons help teachers connect energy to political and economic factors, policy decisions and quality of life. The video series is also available in Spanish and are found on YouTube.

The new Energy Literacy Video series and guides are a collaborative project with DOE, American Geosciences Institute, and the National Center for Science Education.

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