CLEAN Teleconference Call March 14, 2017

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Systems Thinking in Climate Change Education

Abstract: Addressing climate change starts with deeper learning, understanding, and caring, and that true understanding and behavior change requires more than new information. That's where systems thinking comes in. During the presentation, we'll highlight the ThinkWater systems thinking framework and share key strategies and resources that could help build the movement of climate thinkers. Participants will gain new tools and resources to enhance their climate change education programs. Maybe the next big thing in climate change education, research, and outreach is thinking, systems thinking. For a brief introduction, see these short videos about ThinkWater and Systems Thinking.

Bio: Jeremy Solin is the Wisconsin Coordinator and National Program Manager of ThinkWater, a national campaign supported by USDA to help people of all backgrounds and ages think and care deeply about water. He is applying systems thinking to community water education in Wisconsin and working with partners across the US to apply systems thinking in their organizations and programs. He's worked in the environmental and sustainability education fields for nearly 20 years. He has a bachelor's degree in water resources (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), a master's degree in environmental education (University of Minnesota, Duluth) and a doctoral degree in sustainability education (Prescott College).

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