CLEAN Teleconference Call March 11, 2014

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Rally on the Rails: a 6,000 mile journey for climate action!

Abstract: Meet Students for Sustainability, a group of dedicated high school seniors in Port Townsend, WA who are creating a wave of student voices from across the U.S. to the 'other' Washington using only public transportation. Along the 55 stops at train stations from Seattle to D.C., they will gather petitions with suggestions, ideas and concerns about climate action to deliver to our leaders in our nation's capitol.

Laura Tucker has spent her life working for a better planet, including participating in the first Earth Day in 1970 and continuing through a career in environmental and science education. She has been honored to serve as the advisor to this amazing group of students for the past two years along with Lois Sherwood, their 10th grade science teacher.

Ewan Shortess, president of SFS, has dedicated the past two years to coordinating the efforts of this exceptional group. He received the E3 Washington Green Apple award in 2012 for environmental leadership with Students for Sustainability. 

Natalie Toews, secretary of SFS and Senior Class President, set the course for this trip to D.C. by suggesting that plane travel was not 'walking their talk', resulting in the choice to take the bus, ferry and train all the way to the 'other' Washington. 

John Reid has been instrumental in leading the effort to fix the broken recycling system at the school, conducting waste audits and creating a business plan to pay custodians to empty the recycling. 

All are members of the National Honor Society for their scholarship and volunteer with many groups in their community including planting over 3,500 trees with the Northwest Watershed Institute and the Jefferson Land Trust, as well as working with the Food Bank, Search and Rescue, local radio station KPTZ, and the Port Townsend Film Festival.

For more information about this project look here.

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