Initial Publication Date: October 18, 2022

CLEAN Teleconference Call June 14, 2022

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Climate Health Policy Fellowship

Abstract: As climate change increasingly spurs a mounting health crisis, America's healthcare system (and its practitioners) has been thrust into the spotlight. Physicians stand as agents of necessary change given the industry's role and its significant contribution to the worldwide carbon footprint. Importantly, there is a woeful absence of formal climate education available to clinicians who could otherwise serve as catalysts for change and leadership within the healthcare sector.

We will discuss a fellowship in Climate and Health Science Policy that is designed to catalyze a transformation within the medical system's culture by training new physician leaders. This fellowship leverages relationships with government and NGO partners across the country to train young doctors in the networking, practical skills, and fundamental knowledge needed to become experts in climate and health. Further, the fellowship establishes one of the first standards for physician education in climate and health. Thus, it stands as a model for the development of similar programs designed to address the role that healthcare can and needs to have in reacting to global warming.

Bio: EricBalaban is a hospitalist physician and assistant clinical professor for the University of Pittsburgh Medical College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is completing a year-long fellowship in Climate Change and Health Science Policy through the University of Colorado, in which he works alongside NOAA, the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, and several NGO's, including the Environmental Defense Fund, to draw attention and action to climate change and its impact on health. Specifically, the practice of climate-informed clinical care and climate-health equity are areas of his active research. He is particularly interested in advancing these issues within the arenas of politics and organized medicine. Between this and serving as a soldier in the Army National Guard, you can find him spending time with his new wife and their little Boston terrier.

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