CLEAN Teleconference Call January 29, 2019

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Provenance: Daniela Pennycook, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Shelly Sommer: Act on Climate

Abstract: Shelly Sommer will share the origin story and purpose of Act on Climate, a website developed by volunteers immersed in climate and environmental research at CU Boulder. The site is meant to help us answer the question we almost always hear at the end of any public talk on climate change: "What is the most important thing I should do about climate?" Too often, we don't have a good answer to that question, and let that moment of activation slip away. Act on Climate is structured to help people who are already concerned about climate move toward action without having to take on a large cognitive load, and to assist communicators and scientists in reducing barriers to effective action among their audiences.

The presentation will share the inside process of creating the site, and expose some of the collaboration, considerations, and luck it required. Call participants are invited to use the site directly or cannibalize it for parts that may forward their own work. If time allows, discussion may focus on philosophical or practical questions that could shift the future of Act on Climate.

Bio: Shelly Sommer is the Information & Outreach Director at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at CU Boulder, and director of the informal Albert A. Bartlett Science Communication Center. She brings a strong background in analytics and evidence-based approaches to goals to collaborative work with diverse stakeholders. Current hats include bridging science and society, science communication, content strategy, and library management. She was previously a librarian for many years.

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