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CLEAN Teleconference Call January 28, 2014

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Provenance: Daniela Pennycook, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Facilitating the use of NEON data in University Classrooms – NEON's Higher Education Program

Abstract: This talk will discuss development of the NEON higher education program. Focus will be placed on online multi-media materials being developed to teach complex data topics. Also discussed will be the development of activities that engage students in the use of larger, long-term datasets to address ecological questions.

Bio: Leah has a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing Ecology from Penn State University and is passionate about remote sensing (and other geospatial) data. Her research utilizes LiDAR remote sensing methods to detect and characterize riparian forests and to furthermore quantify landscape / watershed level disturbance impacts. Her master's degree is in Landscape Architecture with a focus on ecological planning. She recently served as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Penn State.

Leah has over 10 years of University teaching and course development experience in the areas of spatially driven (GIS) ecological analysis, GPS and ecological planning. She is also interested in creative 3-D visualization techniques of spatial data to demonstrate the ecological impacts of disturbance. She has worked in Yosemite National Park simulating forest density and thinning scenarios in support of both fire management and recreational use planning.

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