CLEAN Teleconference Call January 23, 2023

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Abstract: Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Weekis a coordinated global educational event to engage students in interdisciplinary learning (and action) on climate, clean energy and other just solutions during the first week of Earth Month (April 1-8 2024).  The purpose is to show students that regardless of their discipline, they can be involved in climate repair.  2023-24 is the inaugural year of the Climate Ed Week but the 5th year of the project, which has included over 700 events reaching nearly 100,000 people in more than 70 countries.

There are two general types of activities: MakeClimateAClass and MakeClimateAnEvent. The content of each activity is determined by the participating educators. Events in previous years have included Panels and discussion, Community Speakers. Film, Games, Poetry, Performances - plays, comedy, music, and art exhibitions. To MakeClimateAClass, educators spend at least 30 minutes of a class session discussing the connection between the subject of the course and climate change, solutions or justice. We encourage discussion about climate related careers.  Bard provides certificates for participating institutions, organizers and attendees, a Communication Kit, bi-weekly webinars, connections with participating educators and organizers, scripts for short plays, introductory and concluding videos for events, evaluation forms, assistance with promotion and MORE. Our hyper-ambitious goal is to engage every teacher in every subject area, at every grade level, at every educational institution, in every community, in every nation around the world. See Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week 2024 - YouTube

Bio: David Blockstein, Ph.D. co-directs Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week for Bard College (New York). He is an elected AAAS Fellow with more than 35 years of national leadership at the interface of science and environmental policy. He co-founded and led the US National Council for Science and the Environment, the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders, US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences. Dr. Blockstein co-authored The Climate Solutions Consensus: What We Know and What to Do About It (2010).

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