CLEAN Teleconference Call February 8, 2022

Strategic Planning with Green Actioneers

Abstract: The forthcoming book, Green Actioneers, is designed to foster family and community involvement in making the transition to a CLEAN and GREEN future, without alienating anyone. You might think of it as "Drawdown for families." The book is entirely solutions based and does not even mention "climate change," "global warming" or "sea-level rise," because for most of the population we don't need to, since they are already "in the know."  The book will be launched in early 2022, perhaps on Earth Day if not before.  It is a 264 page large-format spiral-bound book in English and Spanish with a coloring book feature for little kids, word games for older kids, and 120 environmental quotes by famous people from the Pope to Greta Thunberg.  Because of the coloring book feature and the word games it does not work well as a digital experience

Bio: Dave Finnigan, CEO, Green Actioneers I've been "in the trenches" for the past 14 years, delivering climate change education programs in elementary schools to kids, teachers and parents, getting entire communities motivated and taking family and community action. I've spent the last three years creating The Green Actioneers Family Action Guide and supporting web site with the help of over 70 interns from University of Central Florida, and hope you will click on the link and "leaf through it" so you can see our approach.  This is not a "Childrens' book" it is a "family book," and distribution will be like Scholastic Books, through Family Night in schools.  The print book can be distributed by homeschool leaders and church and youth club leaders too, by bringing families together and discussing how they can proceed.

Recording for this telecon is not available.

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