CLEAN Teleconference Call February 26, 2019

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Provenance: Daniela Pennycook, University of Colorado at Boulder
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Alexis Frasz: Creative Strategies for engaging people around climate change

Bio: Alexis Frasz is co-director of Helicon Collaborative. Helicon is a strategy and research consultancy focused on understanding and activating culture as a force for social and environmental change. Helicon's work at the intersection of art and environment is based on the idea that environmental problems are cultural at their root. In other words, the problem isn't really the environment "out there," it is "in here"—in our sense of identity, what we find meaningful, how we imagine our future, our social norms and dominant values. Our society won't be able to make more decisive progress on environmental issues, regardless of our technical know-how, until we understand and shift the underlying cultural narratives and ideas that guide our individual and collective behavior. Helicon's work at this intersection has been focused on understanding and articulating what works--how artists and cultural strategies contribute to environmental progress and what approaches are most effective and why. We think it is essential to direct the outpouring of creative energy towards the activities that will have the greatest environmental impact.

Abstract: This presentation will offer insights from research on how arts and culture can help us adapt to climate change and take action to move towards a more sustainable future. It attempts to bust the myth that the most important role for art is helping to raise awareness about climate change, suggesting that instead we need to leverage the role art can play in helping us grapple with hard realities and imagine new possibilities.

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