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CLEAN Teleconference Call February 18, 2014

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National Outreach and Collaboration Strategies for The Great March for Climate Action

The mission of the Great March for Climate Action is to change the hearts and minds of the American people, our elected leaders, and people across the world to act now to address the climate crisis. On March 1, 2014, hundreds of climate patriots will set out from Los Angeles, CA, walking 3,000 miles across America to Washington, DC, inspiring action to resolve the climate crisis. This will be one of the largest coast-to-coast marches in American history.

The March seeks to build the broadest possible public consensus and is focused strictly on the climate crisis. Marchers will, of course, have their own personal stories and perspectives. However, it is important that we stick to the core message, in unison, with our words, signs and public presentations. This is a collaborative/pluralistic movement wherein we provide the necessary structure for organized change. Through marching, we orchestrate a highly-visible, eight-month public display of human dedication and self-sacrifice. From this foundation, participating educators, affinity organizations and business partners are given a platform from which to discuss education, policy reform and sustainable development relevant to climate change. 

Throughout the planning, Marching, and concluding phases of this movement, we will be seeking strategic alliances and collaboration with affinity organizations to advocate for lasting, sustainable actions to resolve the climate crisis. We do not exclusively seek monetary funding and do not align ourselves with political agendas, candidates or personas. Additionally, we are not funded on credit or loans. All sponsorship has been done through grassroots donations and individual fundraising efforts. Support through equipment, food donations, water supplies, and other resources as well as the less-tangible story-sharing in classrooms, traditional word-of-mouth conversations, and social media networking are vitally important to the success of our March.

Jimmy Betts, Program Coordinator and Facilitator,, 262-235-3276 (262-23-LEARN)

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