CLEAN Teleconference Call February 16, 2016

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The Sustained National Climate Assessment Process: Recent Releases, Upcoming Events, and Creating Capacity for the Future

The US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is implementing a sustained National Climate Assessment process that facilitates the synthesis and sharing of information about climate change science and the impacts of climate change on the United States. An important part of this sustained process is the participation of scientists and stakeholders across regions and sectors, enabling new information and insights to be incorporated into assessment activities and products as they emerge. At this presentation, staff from the USGCRP National Coordination will provide an overview of recent and upcoming assessment releases and will invite discussion about how these products may be of use to the CLEAN community and how the CLEAN community can participate in the sustained assessment process.

Emily Therese Cloyd serves as the Engagement and Outreach Lead for the USGCRP National Coordination Office. In this role, Emily leads the development and implementation of USGCRP's stakeholder engagement and communication strategy and related activities. She has been at USGCRP since 2007, and previously served as the Public Participation and Engagement Coordinator for the National Climate Assessment and Carbon Cycle / Ecosystems Coordinator. She was also a Contributing Author to the Decision Support chapter of the Third National Climate Assessment. In 2006, she served as a Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research.

Emily holds a Master's degree in Conservation Biology (State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry) and a Bachelor's degree in Plant Biology (University of Michigan), and has completed advanced coursework and research in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy at SUNY-ESF.

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