CLEAN Teleconference Call February 12, 2019

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Frank Granshaw and Don Hass: Using VR in Climate Education

Bio: Don Haas is the Director of Teacher Programs at The Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth & Cayuga Nature Center in Ithaca, NY. He is Past President of NAGT. Don's work in public outreach, teacher education, teacher professional development and curriculum materials development marries deep understandings of how people learn with deep understandings of the Earth system. Frank Granshaw currently works at the Department of Geology, Portland State University. Frank does research in Educational Technology, Glacial Geology, and Remote Sensing. Frank is actively involved in climate and sustainability education and advocacy through PSU, Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Creation Justice Program, and the Union of Concerned Scientists' Science Network.

Abstract: Climate change has sometimes been characterized as a slow motion train wreck - big, distant, and often abstract. Increasingly virtual reality is being used to make the impacts of climate disruption more tangible. The aim of this talk is to explore the question; "how, as climate educators, can we best leverage this emerging technology to better do our jobs?" In addition to looking at available VR media, we will also look at how we can author our own media or better yet have students do so. This webcast will include time for brainstorming how we as a community can use this technology in our own work.

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