CLEAN Teleconference Call August 27, 2019

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UNFCCC Education, Communication, and Outreach Stakeholders' (ECOS) Community Working to Scale Climate Literacy & Action by 2020

Abstract: Education, Communication and Outreach Stakeholders (ECOS) is building capacity to complement the efforts of the UNFCCC Secretariat to deploy a coherent strategy globally. Prioritizing high-quality, localized strategies for education, communication, and outreach is vital. As ECOS member Danae Espinoza summarized: "The importance of international cooperation, funds to accomplish the task at the local to global level, government support and the inclusion of citizens are all vital in implementing the Paris Agreement."

Come learn about ECOS and the strategic steps it is taking to prepare for the UN Climate Summit in NY in September, COP25 in Santiago- December 2019, SB52 in Bonn- June 2020, and ultimately COP26 in 2020, where nations will report on their progress to achieve the Paris COP21 goals. ECOS leadership overlaps with CLEAN founders and leaders. Part of this session will be dedicated to discussing ideas for linking ECOS and CLEAN resources and activities.

Bios: Abby Ruskey possesses deep experience and training in education and learning, sustainability and systems, cultural responsiveness, planning, research and policy. She has worked in executive positions for over 25 years to develop and integrate capacities, programs and tools for helping individuals and collectives catalyze and life-affirming systems change. Recently, Abby researched and wrote strategic documents and articles, and pursued policies and projects to prepare and empower people for climate change and related social, health, infrastructure, food-agriculture and other disruptions.

Mark S. McCaffery is founder and co-focal point of ECOS and is based in Central Europe. Having helped establish a local watershed focused network two decades ago (BASIN, the Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network), and a national digital library and online community (CLEAN, the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network), Mark assisted in initiating the climate and energy literacy frameworks and authored Climate Smart & Energy Wise, published in 2014 by Pruitt Press. Relocating from North America to Central Europe to pursue international collaboration and engagement opportunities, he assisted in the launch of the Institute for Sustainable Development in Budapest and has consulted with Climate-KIC, the largest EU public-private partnership on climate solutions, and various United Nations organizations, such as FAO and UN CC: Learn.

Laura Weiland is director of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL), in Rhinebeck, NY, USA. She has lived, studied, and worked across several countries and United States over the past two decades, starting as a student in an agricultural high school in Ambato, Ecuador. She has been imagining, designing, and creating nontraditional educational experiences for herself and others since the age of 15, with studies and experience from biology, farming, permaculture, and regenerative frameworks, to eco-social design, community organizing, and climate education. She holds a master's degree in sustainable development with a focus in community development.

Timothy Damon is founder and President of the Global Youth Development Institute (GYDI), an internationally-oriented 501(c)(3) with the mission of educating and empowering young people across the world as leaders for action on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. He has extensive experience since 2011 working in and around the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), through the varied roles of an academic researcher, youth advocate and trainer, and an adviser for government delegations to the UNFCCC on youth and education matters.

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