CLEAN Teleconference Call April 11, 2023

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Yuraq: Energy and Life in Balance: Yup'ik Knowledge and Energy Education

Abstract: Yuraqis a way to tell stories of the past and provide direction for the future demonstrated as dancing and singing and is an integral part of Yup'ik/Sup'ik culture. In this session, you'll be introduced to Yuraq as a way of embodying the importance of energy and life in balance. Culturally relevant Alaska energy curriculum will also be shared and ways in which Yup'ik/Sup'ik Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom has been braided into lessons.


Mayaq Irussaar Qip'arluk Kagganaq Maangyaar (Valerie Tony) is the latest representation of her Yup'ik and Sup'ik ancestry of the Kuigpak Tradition, geographically the Lower Yukon Delta. She is an interpreter of the Kuigpak oral history and strives to help others interpret and understand Yup'ik/Sup'ik spirituality. She brings this interpretation to her work as a researcher at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and to her studies as a University of Alaska Anchorage Anthropology student. Using what she learned from her family in Alakanuk, she leads a traditional Yup'ik/Sup'ik dance group in Anchorage, the Yurapik Dancers. The past two years she has consulted for REAP to incorporate Yup'ik/Sup'ik Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom into their curricula.

Colleen Fisk is the Education Director for the non profit Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP). She grew up outside Benteh (Wasilla) with teachings of honoring the land and environment. She moved back to the area in 2020. Since 2016 she has delivered K-12 lessons and teacher trainings around clean energy (renewable energy and energy efficiency). The past two years she has worked to decolonize and indigenize the AK EnergySmart curriculum and outreach.

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