Initial Publication Date: December 6, 2013


Learning through media production

During the production phase, students create and gather audio and visual assets, such as a recorded narrative, music and sound effects, dynamic visual representations of climate change concepts, filmed scenes, etc..

Through production, students learn media and technology literacy skills such as operating cameras, framing a shot, acting or interviewing skills, and capturing audio. They learn how to narrate their script, digitize their footage to a computer, edit the video and arrange their resources on a timeline with recorded audio, images, music, transitions, and text in ways that effectively convey and enhance their message. Other life, career, and social skills, like time management, task delegation, individual responsibility, and leadership are all required for this phase of creative, hands-on, and time-consuming work. Frequently, major project revisions occur, as students continue to discuss, brainstorm, critique, and make changes to their project.