Climate Education in an Age of Media (CAM)

Student video production projects can be used to both engage students with 21st century literacy skills and develop their understanding of scientific concepts, as they learn by "teaching" others through media pieces. They can be used to overcome many of the challenges that climate change education presents and offer an effective means to bring active, social, and affective learning to one of the most important and complex problems facing human society today.

Creating media pieces requires research, writing, planning, finding and creating visual and audio assets, and use of information technology to edit and distribute digital media. These projects can be readily adopted in a wide range of instructional environments.

Our experience indicates that these projects have a strong potential to actively engage students, reinforce and expand upon science content learned through conventional pedagogical approaches, and empower students to educate others beyond their classroom.

Learn more about the CAM Project and how to integrate student media production and climate change education:

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