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2013 July CAM Workshop Implementation Planning  

Please answer the following questions:
- What are your goals for this summer?
- What are your goals for next semester?
- What are your goals for the end of the school year 2013-2014?

As you consider these questions, please also consider how you can realize these goals:
- In what way could this group be a source of continued support? What would you need for support?
- What resources can you leverage in your community? Can you bring any other educators, organizations, or community resources into your work?


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This summer I want to become less dependent on media specialists and produce short videos.
Next semester I want to repeat my project to replace the metal halide lights in my high school gym. My goals for the end I want video projects to be less scary.
chuck fittz


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This summer my goal is to get my multi-media project proposal funded for the first year. The fall semester is the potential implementation time and by the end of the year I hope to have the students produce a number of products as well as secure funding for the next year. In terms of support, talking with Juliette and Angelica about the multitude of issues involved in setting forth on a project like this, and having a forum to fall back on, has been essential. Other types of support might be help with the implementation side of things. Resources will be dictated by funding by the university.


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This post was edited by Dawn Staples-Knox on Jul, 2013
From Dawn and Cheryl
email our media specialists
play with iMovies on our computers
get on the parent group's agenda to get and solicit support($$)
talk to principals
During school , have students learn iMovies
and have students make at least one video project during the year to share with parents and community


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This post was edited by Alana Archangelo on Jul, 2013
1. I would like to practice making at least an animation over the summer on the PC
2. I want my environmental club to play the game and make a PSA to be aired on the cable access
3. I would like to have ONE media project in ONE class by the end of the year

I would be interested in having my environmental club attend the screening if you have one in the spring.
I have 2 bloggie cameras and a flip cam and access to iPads and a PC lab. I will try to get our tech teacher to help me and maybe provide tripods.


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This summer I plan to look for grants and apply for grants since my school has neither equipment nor money (last year, one of our spanish teachers was Rose Stone).

My interim goal is to design the cradle to grave project for my AP Environment students. In this project, each group of students will choose one object that they own. They will make a documentary showing the impact that that object has on the environment from the when it was resources on the farm and/or in a mine through the production of the object, through its use, and the possible paths of its post-use (recycle, landfill, incineration, etc).

This will be implemented after the AP exam. So, we will have most of May through the second week of June to do learning projects and the documentary.

Mark Heilbrunn


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From Linda, Vanessa, and George:

Please answer the following questions:
- What are your goals for this summer?
1. Gather information about the program, how and what to do
2. Have preliminary discussions with faculty, cooperating teachers and the IT departments at our schools
3. Practice making videos more to be more comfortable with it

- What are your goals for next semester?
1. Determine how this program could fit into my course or courses of others.
2. Develop a plan and coordinate more with IT departments.
3. Possibly have students make a climate change video if it fits into first semester curriculum

- What are your goals for the end of the school year 2013-2014?
1. Have at least 2 faculty members have their students create videos
2. Students produce climate change / project videos.....ready to roll!!!
3. Stay connected to the really cool people that we have met here

As you consider these questions, please also consider how you can realize these goals:
- In what way could this group be a source of continued support? What would you need for support?
1. Be resource people to contact as we go through the process
2. Post helpful things on discussion board so we can look at it when we are trying the project
3. An email or contact list should be created and distributed on this website so we can easily access our peers

- What resources can you leverage in your community? Can you bring any other educators, organizations, or community resources into your work?
1. IT departments (5 campuses) will be the biggest community resource
2. The UMASS Lowell Media Center with Mitch and John, our new best friends
3. The teacher that I will be teaching the course with - she is the department chair


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Ideas for plan from Brian & Rouwenna at Alliance for Climate Education (ACE):

- This summer we're creating our strategic plan for partnerships and a student-led climate-action campaign for next year. We want to figure out how to incorporate student-created media into this work, as well as possibly into our workshops for teaching students climate science (thinking of using the animation for this). We will be considering whether or not we need interns to support us with this work and whether or not we can collaborate with TERC and CAM to bring some of their media and climate savvy youth into our programs to work with high school students. (We may also want to use the World Climate simulation Juliette shared with us at our student trainings - we'll need to figure this out.)

- This next year, we'd like to pilot working with TERC/CAM to train our teachers/students to use media:
-- The first semester we'd like to train students, perhaps in collaboration with college students, to make media to support our action campaigns. We may also want to train some of our high school teachers, in collaboration with Juliette's team, to use this media in their classrooms.
-- The second semester, we want our core students to be creating media to support our climate campaign, perhaps with college students supporting them along the way.
-- Next summer, possibly have a face-to-face training for ACE staff to give our staff the abilities to use student media and climate games in their regions.

We'd love to find a way to continue collaborating with Juliette to connect her college students with our high school students and teaches.

At ACE we have flip cams, iMovie, some internal videography support internally. There may also be some other non-profit partners that would like to work with us around media and youth leadership and climate campaigns.


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I teach a class in Honors Probability and Statistics. I plan to have the students in this class gather climate data from a variety of locations from around the world over a period of time, and using statistics that they have learned in class, analyze these data and see if there are any trends detected. Knowing that this is going to involve a lot of data as well as resources, I plan to have this year's class establish the template for analyzing the data over the long haul. The intention is that subsequent classes will continue with this work. Additionally, I plan to have students develop their own video which will serve to document these processes and what they have discovered over the course of the school year relating to climate change. This video will be included as part of their Math Fair Projects in December and May.

I have participated for the past six years in the GK-12 Project with a team from UMass Lowell. I am planning to approach Dr. Chandra, the coordinator for the Project, to see what expertise her group can lend to us.


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Key Points from July Implementation

Looking for an e-mail list to communicate with people.

Posting a question...will that get answered

UMass lowell climate change initiative Facebook Page

CAM Vimeo Channel

practice over iPad and PC

Flip Cameras
Kodak Zi8 or 10...
Nikon D3100 and Canon DSLRs

Film Festivals
Think about Teach-In at UMass Lowell

May at MIT
Museum of Science.. David Rabkin Cambridge Parent/Planetarium

We are going to create a list of participants

People need certificates for PDPs
Attended a workshop of 24 hours


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I am attending this workshop and after this workshop I am giving too much ideas and my all confusions are remove. Full detail of this workshop is available at this site https://australianwritings.net/blog/how-to-write-a-persuasive-essay/ so if anyone can't attend that workshop then visit here and clear your concepts.


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