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These videos capture how the sun warms the Earth with support materials for teachers and students. Students will make observations to use as evidence that sunlight warms Earth's surface.

These two videos combined are 3:20 minutes long

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Climate Literacy

This Video builds on the following concepts of Climate Literacy.

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Teaching Tips

  • Included with this video are teaching tips, background information, links to relevant videos, and a hands-on activity that compares materials in both shady and sunny locations.
  • Scroll down to the lefthand side to view Support Materials for Teachers and Students.
  • Teachers could use the videos for a very brief introduction to how the sun warms the earth. The egg frying video could be used to reinforce lessons learned in What is Weather?, which is a more thorough lesson that already includes the second video.
  • Both videos are best suited to be used alongside a full lesson about weather or the sun.

About the Science

  • These two short videos provide examples of how the sun warms the earth.
  • The first video shows a time-lapse of an egg frying in the sun over ~30 minutes.
  • The second video has an animated character named Peep comparing the differences in the temperature between a sunny spot and shady spot.
  • The students learn that the sun warms land, air, water.
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • Both videos are highly engaging for K-2 students to grasp the idea of how the sun warms the Earth and the materials upon it.
  • No learning outcome is specifically stated, but it is clear that the main outcome from the two videos is to learn that the sun heats the earth.
Entered the Collection: November 2021 Last Reviewed: July 2021

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