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Guidelines for Resource Developers interested in submitting resources to the CLEAN iterative peer-review process

Please read the guidelines below before submitting your resource to CLEAN for an iterative peer review.

CLEAN iterative peer- review process

Resources submitted to CLEAN for an iterative review undergo the following process:

  1. The CLEAN team reviews the resources and provides the reviewer's comments to the developer (2 different reviewers).
  2. CLEAN editor summarizes the comments and sends them to the developer.
  3. Developer addresses the comments and the revised resource is considered by the CLEAN review panel.
  4. Review panel either accepts the resource (go to 7) or provides further comment (go to 5).
  5. Developer addresses comments and resource is considered by CLEAN Editorial Board (go to 6).
  6. CLEAN Editorial Board accepts (go to 7) or declines the resource (go to 8) after considering the revision process outlined above.
  7. Expert science review of the resource is conducted. Developer responds to any concerns of the expert scientist.
  8. Developer is informed of the decision and accepted resources are cataloged in the collection and developer received the CLEAN Selected logo to put on the resource.

Please consider the following before submission:

The following list of recommendations for resource quality is derived from the CLEAN review criteria. Please ensure that the resource meets the CLEAN standards where appropriate for the resource type as follows:



Technical Quality