Inspiring Climate Education Excellence (ICEE): Teacher Prof Dev for Effective Instruction in Climate Sci Literacy

Susan Buhr

University of Colorado - Boulder

The ICEE team will develop teacher professional development to address climate science content and the pedagogical skills necessary for effective instruction, such as addressing controversy in the classroom, identifying misconceptions, and aligning climate science within the curriculum. The program will showcase NASA data and platforms, especially those associated with Arctic climate systems and sea level rise. The approach is to develop sustained professional development (PD) offerings that include NASA exemplars of the seven Essential Principles of Climate Literacy, and that develop pedagogical skills for teaching climate science

Funding agency NASA
Through the funding program GCCE

Award Numbers NNX09AL85G

Selection Year:

Award Period:
6/4/2009 - 6/3/2014


Resources for teachers, including course modules and online discussion.

Grade Level: High School (9-12)

Audience Type: Educators

Product Type: Curriculum, Video/Radio/Webcasts

Related Publications

Sullivan, S., Ledley, T. S., Lynds, S., Gold, A., Navigating Climate Science in the Classroom: Teacher Preparation, Perceptions and Practices, Journal of Geoscience Education, Vol. 62, pp. 550-559.