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NASA S'COOL Lesson: Cloud in a Bottle

Carolyn Green, Preston Lewis, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Students participate in a demonstration to explore how clouds form and what conditions are necessary for cloud formation.

This demonstration takes one 50 minute class period. Additional materials are required.

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Teaching Tips

  • This activity includes teaching tips at the bottom of the webpage.
  • It is also a part of a larger series on clouds.
  • There is a connection to the citizen science project formerly called S'COOL but is now part of the NASA GLOBE Observer project.

About the Science

  • This experiment introduces the concept of how clouds form.
  • It uses the hands-on activity to demonstrate how water vapor and condensation nuclei both need to be present for cloud formation.
  • The experiment also has an extensional activity where temperature and pressure can be varied in order to see how those variables change the cloud formation process.
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • This resource is a hands-on experiment that demonstrates how clouds form.
  • During the experiment several assessment/discussion questions are provided in order to reiterate the scientific concepts. The questions lead to critical thinking about how clouds are formed.
  • There are several other links for the students to explore, as well as another experiment.
  • The combination of these materials should appeal to all learning types.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Extra links are added for further investigation.
  • Some schools don't allow matches for the cloud in a bottle activity - alternatives like aerosol sprays can be used (a search will provide ideas for alternatives).

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