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Getting the Picture - A climate education resource

Earth Vision Institute

This is a multi-media teaching tool to learn about climate change. The tool is comprised of stills, video clips, graphic representations, and explanatory text about climate science. Acclaimed photographer James Balog and his Extreme Ice team put this teaching tool together.

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Teaching Tips | Science | Pedagogy | Technical Details

Teaching Tips

  • Has potential to be used as a differentiating class lesson on climate for more accelerated students. Can be used for students who miss extended periods of time due to illness.
  • The resource contains a lot of really important information. Could be used as a guide to entire unit on climate change or the chapters could be broken apart into single lessons.
  • There are no guided questions, however the information is set up in such a way that with an outside guide, students could easily engage in independent exploration and inquiry.
  • Package could be used to supplement more in-depth examination of climate change evidence and impacts.

About the Science

  • Uses an interdisciplinary approach to teaching climate science through a variety of multimedia tools covering topical studies such as history, economics, geography, art, and social studies.
  • Covers a wide range of topics related to climate change including the atmosphere and warming temperatures, how these warming temperatures affect water, and how these changes are affecting life on earth (human and otherwise).
  • Connects key climate change concepts to to real-world arctic Extreme Ice Survey project for each chapter.
  • Resource emerged from the work of the Extreme Ice Survey photography project initiated by James Balog in 2007.
  • Comments from expert scientist:
    Scientific strengths:
    - plethora of information on climate change effects on the cryosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere

About the Pedagogy

  • Resource is a media-rich online textbook about climate science. Still and video photography is stunning; text is basic. No mechanism is provided for students to interact with the content.
  • The resource provides a wealth of information and breaks down several complex and related processes in to step-by-step and straight forward explanations with several multimedia tools (i.e. photos, videos, real-world stories).
  • Excellent glossary of terms provided.
  • Includes extensions and outside resources for students and educators for each chapter of the module.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Easily viewed on personal computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Many of the embedded videos need to be viewed in a different tab/window on Vimeo.
  • Visual quality excellent. Brief video offers a walk-through of the resource.

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