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Changing Planet: Fresh Water in the Arctic

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This Changing Planet video documents scientists' concerns regarding how melting Arctic sea ice will increase the amount of fresh water in the Beaufort Gyre, which could spill out into the Atlantic and cause major climate shifts in North America and Western Europe. The video includes interviews with scientists and a look at the basics of how scientists measure salinity in the ocean and how ocean circulation works in the Arctic.

Video length 5:18 min.

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Teaching Tips

About the Content

  • This video examines the impacts of fresh water flowing into the Arctic Ocean from ice and rivers on thermohaline circulation using advanced, specifically-designed engineering.
  • Scientists profiled are from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and other research institutes.
  • Good background information and references given in the accompanying lesson plan: http://www.windows2universe.org/teacher_resources/leaky_gyre.html.
  • Comments from expert scientist: The video presents a very nice summary of fresh water changes in the Arctic and their impacts. It is very clear and the language is at a level that students of at middle school and above level should be able to understand. It highlights a concept that is not discussed as much in the Arctic (e.g., sea ice, Greenland), but it is very important. The graphics are well done and informative. It is also nice to see the "process" shown - i.e., the buoys and the instruments - as opposed to just the data and conclusions. The main concern is that it looks a bit out of date. The most recent data shown is 2010, which is now 7 years ago. I think newer data indicates some changes in the freshwater trends that are shown. It is still valuable because of the solid theoretical science information provided and the presentation of the observation methods. But it would benefit if it was presented paired with more recent data, if such data is available.

About the Pedagogy

  • The video outlines the issues of fresh water flowing into the Arctic Sea and the challenges that scientists face collecting data there.
  • Teachers should be aware (and pass on to students) that climate change will have different impacts in different parts of the world and that it won't be "warming" everywhere.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Video quality is not ideal; video may be pixelated at larger viewing sizes.

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Accompanying lesson plan with activities "The Case of the Leaky Gyre" - http://www.windows2universe.org/teacher_resources/leaky_gyre.html
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