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Coral Reefs in Hot Water

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Coral Reefs in Hot Water is a short video displaying computerized data collected on the number of reefs impacted by coral bleaching around the world.

Video length: 2:44 min.

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Teaching Tips

  • Basic overview of coral bleaching supported by downloadable fact sheets on coral bleaching.
  • Its most powerful message is within its data graphics of coral bleaching locations around the globe.

About the Science

  • Concise, to-the-point, general overview to coral bleaching.
  • Global graphics that show scale of bleaching throughout the oceans is powerful.
  • Short video shows relationship between warmer oceans and coral reef health and heat stress.
  • Comments from expert scientist: This is not an activity, but it is a very well-put together visualization about coral bleaching. The mapping is wonderful.
  • This video pre-dates the coral bleaching events of 2016, but the concept remains the same. An update on recent coral bleaching as of 2016 is here: http://coralreefwatch.noaa.gov/satellite/analyses_guidance/global_coral_bleaching_2014-17_status.php.

About the Pedagogy

  • Knowing what coral bleaching is prior to watching video might be helpful as video only gives a brief, concise definition.
  • Background fact sheets are provided as well as downloadable video webinar.
  • There are display options to show video in other museums or informal science centers.
  • Video and supporting materials could potentially comprise an entire unit for an educator.
  • A short transcript goes along with the video.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Technical computerized imagery is good.
  • The visualizations make the impact of coral bleaching very easy to see on a global scale.
  • Well-organized supplementary materials and multimedia resources.
Entered the Collection: February 2013 Last Reviewed: October 2016

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