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Deforestation in the Amazon

NASA Visualization Studio

This NASA animation on land cover change zooms into Rondonia, Brazil. It starts with a Landsat satellite image taken in 1975 and dissolves into a second image of the same region taken in 2009 that illustrates a significant amount of land use change.

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Teaching Tips

  • It is suggested that this be used as part of a unit on ecosystems and climate change.
  • There is no color key provided for the images. However, the images clearly indicate significant land cover change.

About the Content

  • Tropical forests act as major carbon 'sinks', places where ambient carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be absorbed by growing things and sequestered for years.
  • Data taken in 1975 and 2009 from the Landsat series of spacecraft shows enormous tracts of forest disappearing in Rondonia, Brazil.
  • Comments from expert scientist: Short and easy to read piece on a globally important topic. Visuals clearly show the effect of deforestation on land cover. There are a number of other similar NASA websites that seem more up to date.

About the Pedagogy

  • Scaffolding of the visualization is provided in accompanying text.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • The visualization is very easy to use.
  • Multiple versions of the visualization are provided in different resolutions and formats.
Entered the Collection: August 2013 Last Reviewed: September 2016

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