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Fuel Cell Animation

US Department of Energy - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Energy Education and Workforce Development

This fuel cell animation demonstrates how a fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce electricity, with only water and heat as byproducts. The animation consists of four parts - an introduction, fuel cell components, chemical process, and fuel cell stack.

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Middle School: 2 Disciplinary Core Ideas, 2 Cross Cutting Concepts
High School: 3 Disciplinary Core Ideas, 2 Cross Cutting Concepts

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Teaching Tips

  • Students can explore this animation on their own and then convene to discuss this technology.

About the Science

  • There is a link to webpages with additional information.
  • Does not address the important issue of how the hydrogen is generated.
  • Comments from expert scientist: This animation is clear and concise. The fundamentals and chemistry of a proton exchange membrane in a hydrogen fuel cell are clearly demonstrated. This animation is a very good demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell, but the content is limited.

About the Pedagogy

  • Animation illustrates what the components of a fuel cell are, the basic electro-chemistry of how it works, and applications of fuel cell stacks.
  • There are a number of engaging ways to review the animation.
  • Students can work through the animation and click on labels at their own pace.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Easy to use. Learner can click on any part of the animation to review content.
  • The explanations provided with the animation are text-intensive.
  • There is a text and image version of this animation that could be printed: http://energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/fuel-cell-animation-text-version
  • The image quality in this animation is suitable for expansion in a web browser and for projection in a classroom.
  • Will not work on an iPad; you must have a Flash plug-in.

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