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Global Warming: It's All About Carbon

Robert Krulwich, NPR and National Geographic

A sequence of five short animated videos that explain the properties of carbon in relationship to global warming, narrated by Robert Krulwich from NPR.

Five videos of about 3-5 min length each.

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Teaching Tips

  • Can be used with multiple age groups to introduce or reinforce understanding of the properties of carbon as the key to global warming.

About the Content

  • Science concerns properties of carbon and why it is the key element in understanding and dealing with global warning.
  • Video does take some poetic license with some science concepts. For example, it may perpetuate the misconception that the greenhouse effect is caused only by human activities linked to increased CO2.
  • Comments from expert scientist: The scientific strengths are generally excellent because the message relies on well-established scientific understanding. The description of the greenhouse effect is not accurate. Greenhouse effect is a result of CO2 absorbing infrared radiation (heat), not reflected solar radiation, from the earth surface.

About the Pedagogy

  • Animations are appealing to a broad age range but mainly targeted toward middle school audience.
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