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Bering Sea Expedition

Alaska Seas and Rivers Curriculum, Alaska Sea Grant

Learners research the effects of melting sea ice in the Bering Sea Ecosystem. They create research proposals to earn a place on the scientific research vessel Healy and present their findings and proposals to a Research Board committee.

Activity takes 6 to 8 class periods. Computer with internet access required.

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Climate Literacy

This Activity builds on the following concepts of Climate Literacy.

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Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines

2. Knowledge of Environmental Processes and Systems:2.2 The Living Environment:A) Organisms, populations, and communities
Other materials addressing:
A) Organisms, populations, and communities.
2. Knowledge of Environmental Processes and Systems:2.2 The Living Environment:C) Systems and connections
Other materials addressing:
C) Systems and connections.

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Teaching Tips

About the Content

  • Webquest, which is the heart of this activity, includes links to many current sources (NOAA, NASA, WHOI etc.) of information about the Bering Sea as an ecosystem.
  • Accompanying video features current scientific work underway in Bering Sea.
  • Comments from expert scientist: The science content is in a great video that is linked to the site. It's a very dramatic, catchy video, good for the academic levels targeted here.

About the Pedagogy

  • The investigation provides an imaginative context for the main webquest activity i.e. the development of a research proposal for an icebreaker mission.
  • This is an open-ended investigation and may require some clear guidance.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • As of Oct 2016 all of the necessary links worked. But it is wise to check them before doing the activity.
Entered the Collection: April 2013 Last Reviewed: October 2016

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