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Clarkson Energy Choices Board Game

Clarkson and St. Lawrence Universities

This board game, designed for middle school students, introduces the concepts of energy use in our lives and the real impact that personal choices can have on our energy consumption, energy bills, and fuel supply.

Activity takes about 1 class period for game and 1 class period for follow-up discussion. Cards and Game board need to be printed.

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Middle School: 2 Disciplinary Core Ideas, 2 Cross Cutting Concepts, 4 Science and Engineering Practices

Climate Literacy
About Teaching Climate Literacy

About Teaching the Guiding Principle
Other materials addressing GPg

Energy Literacy

Other materials addressing:
7.1 Economic security.
Other materials addressing:
4.1 Humans transfer and transform energy.
Other materials addressing:
6.2 Conserving energy.
Other materials addressing:
6.4 Earth has finite energy resources.

Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines

2. Knowledge of Environmental Processes and Systems:2.3 Humans and Their Societies:A) Individuals and groups
Other materials addressing:
A) Individuals and groups.
2. Knowledge of Environmental Processes and Systems:2.4 Environment and Society:D) Technology
Other materials addressing:
D) Technology.
3. Skills for Understanding and Addressing Environmental Issues:3.1 Skills for Analyzing and Investigating Environmental Issues:A) Identifying and investigating issues
Other materials addressing:
A) Identifying and investigating issues.
3. Skills for Understanding and Addressing Environmental Issues:3.2 Decision-Making and Citizenship Skills:B) Evaluating the need for citizen action
Other materials addressing:
B) Evaluating the need for citizen action.

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Teaching Tips

  • Game may miss an opportunity to relate the impact of personal energy use choices on global environmental (focus is on financial cost to player). This piece should be added by the educator.

About the Science

  • Well-designed game that makes relative energy use of household appliances, heating/cooling systems, and transportation choices easy to compare so players can weigh the impact of their choices as they play the game.
  • Neither sources for the numbers that are used are cited nor mathematical equations given for how relative energy use of systems, appliances, and vehicles was determined. Educator should be prepared to answer these questions from students and might need to find this information elsewhere.

About the Pedagogy

  • Game is played in groups, allowing for group problem solving, strategizing, etc.
  • Game structure provides for follow up discussions about energy choices.
  • Great design design - very middle school oriented.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Ready to go.
  • Game and all instructions and materials are downloadable in pdf form from site.
  • Needs prep time to cut out cards.

Next Generation Science Standards See how this Activity supports:

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