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Aquarium of the Pacific's Ocean Science Center

Principal Investigators: Jerry Schubel and Barbara Long
Project Website:
NOAA Office of Education Environmental Literacy Grant, FY09

Project Description

The Aquarium of the Pacific, an AZA-accredited institution that serves the most ethnically diverse population of all aquariums in the nation, will utilize NOAA's Science on a Sphere (SOS)® and linked plasma screens to present a model for how aquariums can promote ocean literacy and climate literacy. Our newest program, the Ocean Science Center, will immerse the visitors in an experience that extends from the sphere to our live animals, to the Aquarium's project web page. We will start with two powerful stories: (1) the effects of sea level rise and inundation on coastal communities and (2) the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and fisheries, and how these systems can be made more resilient through mitigation and adaptation. The programs will be interpreted in English and Spanish. We are collaborating with NOAA and academic scientists to develop the content, and with the SOS team and leading exhibit designers and media experts to develop and structure the stories for delivery using advanced technologies. We will also work with Google Earth to incorporate Google Ocean data onto the sphere and the web component.

The primary objective of the project is to communicate to the public how changes in climate affect the atmosphere, ocean, marine ecosystems, fisheries, and coastal communities. Through the use of emerging digital and visual technologies, staff-led programming, and further connections to live animals throughout the aquarium, we aim to engage the public in ocean issues through exploration and discovery, and to promote ocean and climate literacy and stewardship. The products developed will be shared with other informal science institutions, NOAA, and the SOS user community. The multi-dimensional Ocean Science Center will also serve as a prelude to Pacific Visions, the Aquarium of the Pacific's long-term capital project that will further immerse visitors in a virtual ocean environment.

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