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Weather Girl Goes Rogue

Deep Rogue Ram, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

This humorous video suggests what might happen if a weather forecaster reported the weather in the context of climate change. There is a sharp contrast between the anchor focusing on short-term local concerns and the weather forecaster describing what is happening on a long-term global basis.

Video length is 2:44 min.

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Climate Literacy
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Global warming is "very likely" caused by human greenhouse gas emission
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Sea level rise and resulting impacts is due to melting ice and thermal expansion and increases the risk
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Increased extreme weather events due to climate change
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The earth's climates have changed in the past, are currently changing, and are expected to change in the future, primarily due to changes in the amount of light reaching places on the earth and the composition of the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels in the last century has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has contributed to Earth's warming.
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Teaching Tips

  • Educators could ask students to discuss the differing perspectives of the anchor and weather forecaster, and the scientific evidence for the long-term global view.
  • Video could be used to add a bit of levity at some point near the end of a climate change unit. It does summarize some good, and current, information.
  • Could be used as a model from which students could be assigned to create their own video about climate change.

About the Science

  • Science (rising temperatures) is exaggerated in this video, but appropriately for the message and nature of the resource.
  • Comments from expert scientist: Represents some basic stats of recent climate change in a humorous way. Not a primary piece of educational curriculum, but would be a funny break between lessons.

About the Pedagogy

  • No background material or teacher's guide is provided. Since it takes a satirical view of the subject, it would be best used after a more serious examination of the issues with students who will understand the satire.
  • May be more suitable for more mature students, high school and up.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • The video is in HD and is suitable for classroom projection.

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