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Climate Science in a Nutshell: Where Carbon Dioxide Come From?

Planet Nutshell, Utah Education Network

This short video discusses where carbon dioxide, the gas that is mainly responsible for warming up our planet and changing the climate, comes from. It discusses how the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide comes directly from the burning of fossil fuels and indirectly from the human need for energy.

Video length: 2:49 minutes.

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Teaching Tips

  • This video provides a short overview of sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide. It needs to be supplemented by more thorough materials and activities.
  • Best used in conjunction with the other 10 short videos in the series.

About the Science

  • Video uses a very simplified graphic of the greenhouse effect that does not really explain it. Addresses carbon dioxide but not other greenhouse gases.
  • The claims made in this video are not supported by references in the video or on its webpage.
  • Comments from expert scientist: It is presented in a simple way and visually really well prepared, but it is missing references to scientific work/literature.

About the Pedagogy

  • Engaging cartoon format.
  • The breezy style and playful animations of this video will likely engage most students. It lacks a teacher's guide, background materials, etc. that would support its use in a classroom.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • This is a HD video that can easily be projected in a classroom.

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Climate Science in a Nutshell: Where Carbon Dioxide Come From? --Discussion  

The reviewer's comments state that this video does not explain the greenhouse effect. The purpose of this video is not to explain the greenhouse effect. It is designed to explain where carbon dioxide comes from. The greenhouse effect is explained in another video in the series, which is available here: http://planetnutshell.com/videos/climate-science-in-a-nutshell-4-too-much-carbon-dioxide. That video also points out that CO2 is not the only contributor to the greenhouse effect (see 1:59 in the video).

The reviewers comments also state that references are not provided. A link to references is provided below the video description and are also available here: http://planetnutshell.com/nutshell-news/climate-science-series-bibliography-resources


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