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Gallery of Temperature Change Data

Robert A. Rohde, Global Warming Art

This gallery of ten temperature graphs shows global temperatures on different timescales from decades (recently measured temperatures) to centuries (reconstructed) to millions of years (modeled from ice cores).

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Climate Literacy
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Teaching Tips

  • Instructor can use the graphs in a jigsaw approach to get at temperature change over time and climate variability, allowing students to explore the different methods used to collect data and consider reasons for the uncertainty in the data.
  • The link to "Predictions of Future Change Gallery" could serve as an entry point to discussing models.

About the Science

  • A series of 10 graphs that describe different sets of temperature change data, includes surface global and reconstructed temperatures, Holocene and ice age temperature variations.
  • Each graph is well-labeled, referenced and can be easily used in a classroom setting.
  • Comments from expert scientist: Well-designed, attractive, and easy to interpret data plots. Each figure provides a useful "Description" section with useful background and a lot of helpful links, including links to original datasets. There is a lot to explore here and the author has done careful work.

About the Pedagogy

  • Some of the graphs will need explanation by instructor.
  • The link to "Predictions of Future Change Gallery" provides model predictions to 2100. This could evolve with time as research proceeds.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Easy-to-use, scientifically sound graphs

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