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Temperature Puzzle


This NASA video discusses the impacts of the sun's energy, Earth's reflectance and greenhouse gases on the Earth System.

Video length: 5:48 min.

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Climate Literacy
About Teaching Climate Literacy

Earth's Energy balance
About Teaching Principle 1
Other materials addressing 1b
Sunlight warms the planet
About Teaching Principle 1
Other materials addressing 1a
Greenhouse effect
About Teaching Principle 2
Other materials addressing 2c
Role of aerosols in climate system
About Teaching Principle 2
Other materials addressing 2e
Equilibrium and feedback loops in climate system
About Teaching Principle 2
Other materials addressing 2f
Biosphere drives the global carbon cycle
About Teaching Principle 3
Other materials addressing 3e
Global warming is "very likely" caused by human greenhouse gas emission
About Teaching Principle 6
Other materials addressing 6a
Human activities have increased GHG levels and altered global climate patterns
About Teaching Principle 6
Other materials addressing 6c
Sea level rise and resulting impacts is due to melting ice and thermal expansion and increases the risk
About Teaching Principle 7
Other materials addressing 7a
Increased extreme weather events due to climate change
About Teaching Principle 7
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Energy Literacy

Environmental quality is impacted by energy choices.
Other materials addressing:
7.3 Environmental quality.
Earth's weather and climate is mostly driven by energy from the Sun.
Other materials addressing:
2.3 Earth's climate driven by the Sun.
Greenhouse gases affect energy flow through the Earth system.
Other materials addressing:
2.6 Greenhouse gases affect energy flow.
The effects of changes in Earth's energy system are often not immediately apparent.
Other materials addressing:
2.7 Effects of changes in Earth's energy system .

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Teaching Tips

  • Middle Level: show in class to introduce concepts, then follow on with more in-depth discussion/exercises.
  • High School: have students view as part of a homework assignment.

About the Science

  • This video focuses on NASA observations of solar variability, Earth's changing albedo, rising levels of greenhouse gas concentrations, and impacts on sea level, especially the Arctic.
  • Video integrates satellite imagery of polar ice, global temperatures, cloud cover, and solar activity. It uses computer animations to demonstrate the relationships between solar activity, albedo and global temperatures.
  • Comments from expert scientist: Clear and concise synopsis of factors that affect the Earth's temperature based on the state-of-the-science. Emphasizes uncertainty in models, but uses climate models to describe predictions of changes in Earth's temperature.

About the Pedagogy

  • Students watch the video to learn about the sun's energy output, albedo, greenhouse gases, and global temperatures.
  • No teacher support materials are provided and no further activities are recommended.
  • No prerequisite knowledge needed, although this can help summarize a variety of global change science concepts.
  • It will be up to the teacher to assist diverse learners and to engage students in the content.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Scroll down on the landing page to find this video
  • Easy to use and of excellent technical quality.

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