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Car Quest

World Wildlife Fund

In this activity, students will determine the environmental effects of existing cars and a fleet consisting of their dream cars. They compute how many tons of heat-trapping gases are produced each year, how much it costs to fuel the cars, and related information. Then, students research and prepare a report about greener transportation choices.

Activity takes four to five 45-minute class periods some of which can be assignments to be completed outside of school. Computer with Internet access necessary.

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Climate Literacy
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Energy Literacy

Environmental quality is impacted by energy choices.
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7.3 Environmental quality.
Energy decisions are influenced by environmental factors.
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5.6 Environmental factors.
Behavior and design affect the amount of energy used by human society.
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6.6 Behavior and design.
Amount of energy used can be calculated and monitored.
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6.8 Calculating and monitoring energy use.

Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines

1. Questioning, Analysis and Interpretation Skills:C) Collecting information
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C) Collecting information.
2. Knowledge of Environmental Processes and Systems:2.4 Environment and Society:A) Human/environment interactions
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A) Human/environment interactions.
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D) Technology.
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E) Environmental Issues.

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Teaching Tips | Science | Pedagogy | Technical Details

Teaching Tips

  • Advise appropriate school personnel about this activity before going out to conduct "research" in the parking lot, making observations of cars. Also, be sure you can visually monitor all students as the groups "spread out" among the cars.
  • Students should be encouraged to write from a more scientific perspective vs. a personal preference. Compare and contrast a "dream car" with more conventional alternatives.

About the Science

  • The science in this activity is fuel efficiency of various vehicles using data from the environmental protection agency (EPA) and other similar sources. The focus of activity is on the environmental impacts of each and on making informed choices about the vehicles we use.
  • The concept of analyzing the fleet of vehicles increases statistical validity and adds business-level relevance.
  • Passed initial science review - expert science review pending.

About the Pedagogy

  • Activity is basically a Webquest but engages students in issues that directly concern them – vehicles they and their families/friends/teachers drive, the environmental impact of different vehicles, and the fuels they use.
  • Can be used with a very diverse group of students; ELL students could be paired with other students.
  • Only a limited rubric is provided for assessment.
  • Thoughtful discussion questions are provided.

Technical Details/Ease of Use

  • Computers with Internet access are needed.

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