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Maps of Climate and Energy Concepts

Strong approaches to teaching climate and energy science make connections among the Climate and Energy literacies and help integrate the fundamental concepts into an overarching scope and sequence for student learning. Further they build connections between other science content and these topics.

In order to help educators explore how CLEAN resources can be organized into a logical scope and sequence to learn about climate and energy, we present the CLEAN collection in a tool that visually connects CLEAN resources with the benchmark from the AAAS Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy. The tool illustrates the benchmark that a resource addresses, as well as related benchmarks - those that are considered pre-requisite knowledge and those that extend knowledge further. Clicking on any benchmark in this tool will provide information about resources in the CLEAN collection that addresses that benchmark.

The climate and energy maps are built with the National Science Digital Library Strand Map Service, which provides an online interface to the science literacy benchmarks from the AAAS Project 2061 Atlas for Science Literacy. These scope and sequence maps can be used by educators to explore the connections between different learning objectives, which in turn link to CLEAN selected resources.

The Climate and Energy Maps can help you understand what concepts form the foundation for any specific concept and what students need to fully understand it. In the example below, the foundational concepts are shown below the benchmark that addresses how "the Earth's climate has changed in the past, is changing now, and is expected to change in the future." If your students' comprehension of the foundational concepts is weak or incomplete, attaining a deep and enduring understanding of the central concept will be difficult. The information in these maps can help you help your students attain this foundational understanding.
Climate and Energy Concepts Maps

If you want to know how to build and move students' understanding of climate and energy concepts to more advanced levels, you can simply examine the maps above the central concept. The image below shows the concepts for which the concept "the Earth's climate has changed in the past, is changing now, and is expected to change in the future" is foundational for more advanced climate literacy fundamental concepts.
Climate and Energy Concepts Maps- Extended Concepts

Key Maps

Middle School (grades 6-8)

High School (grades 9-12)

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