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Collection of Climate and Energy Educational Resources

The CLEAN Collection is a hand-picked and rigorously reviewed collection of educational resources aligned with the Climate Literacy and Energy Literacy frameworks.

The review process engages scientists and educators in vetting each resource for scientific accuracy, pedagogic effectiveness and useability.


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      Energy Sources

      This short video surveys the different current and potential sources of energy - both non-renewable and renewable. It provides some discussion of the pros and cons of the different sources and ...

      The Ecology of Climate Change

      This video focuses on the conifer forest in Alaska to explore the carbon cycle and how the forest responds to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide. Topics addressed in the video include wildfires, ...

      Ocean Acid Test by Oceana

      A short video on the causes of ocean acidification and its effects on marine ecosystems.

      Energy 101: Geothermal Heat Pumps

      This introductory video describes the basic principles of residential geothermal heat pumps.

      Energy 101: Wind Turbines

      This video provides a simple introduction to wind turbines and how they generate electricity.

      Frozen Earth

      This video montage of spectacular NASA satellite images set to music shows different types of ice and ice features as well as descriptions of satellite-based measurements of ice cover. Text ...

      Acid Oceans

      This video follows biologist Gretchen Hofmann as she studies the effects of ocean acidification on sea urchin larvae.

      NOVA: Climate Change

      This video segment describes climate data collection from Greenland ice cores that indicate Earth's climate can change abruptly over a single decade rather than over thousands of years. The ...

      Water, Water Everywhere

      This is a short NASA video on the water cycle. The video shows the importance of the water cycle to nearly every natural process on Earth and illustrates how tightly coupled the water cycle is to ...

      Earth System: Ice and Global Warming

      In this video, students learn that scientific evidence strongly suggests that different regions on Earth do not respond equally to increased temperatures. Ice-covered regions appear to be ...

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