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Overall Impressions  

The CLEAN website is still being cleaned up. If you catch specific grammatical errors or other flaws, please notify us through the feedback form here: http://cleanet.org/clean/about/feedback.html

If you have general impressions or constructive critique, please feel free to leave your comments here.


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The site is great. I love the content - the reviews are really helpful. Two comments: On the home page the text is hard to read because of the background image. When I first opened it the background was white and I could see it perfectly but then the background image loaded and the text washed out. Since this the first page teachers will go to it shouuldn't present any obstacles given how busy teachers are. They might get there and decide not to explore the site if they can't read the text... One other comment - we are trying to get away from the term "activities" and rather use "lesson" or "learning opportunity" but that may not be an issue in other states...


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Thanks Gilda, that's exactly the sort of feedback we need!


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Ah - that's an interesting point of view (activities vs lesson).. in CT we tend to stress "activities" as the "doing science" (i.e. data collection/analysis) part of a lesson, which is different from reading, discussion, worksheets etc.


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