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The CLEAN Network (formerly Climate Literacy Network - CLN) is an informal group of scientists, educators, policy makers, community leaders, students, and citizens engaged in fostering Climate Literacy in the US and abroad. It provides a forum for organizations, agencies, and individuals to collaborate for climate education. Members share ideas, coordinate efforts, promote policy reform, develop learning resources, and support integration of climate literacy into formal and informal education venues. Initiatives of CLEAN Network feature accurate scientific information, engaging learning experiences, and multiple pathways to reach broad and diverse audiences, in both formal and informal venues.

The CLEAN Network was responsible for the development of the Climate Science Literacy Essential Principles which summarize the most important principles and concepts of climate science. The principles were originally developed in 2007 using a community-wide consensus building process and were revised in March 2009.

The Climate Literacy Framework can be downloaded as a PDF file (11MB). The Adobe Reader software is available here.

Join the CLEAN Network and its email list by contacting us at joincleannetwork at cleanet dot org.

Our listserv is where members share information about what is going on and discuss current topics. There is an archive of our email list.

Participate in the weekly Teleconference Calls. Each Tuesday at 1:00pm Eastern Time (12pm Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific) members meet on a teleconference call to update each other about their climate literacy projects, upcoming events, and funding opportunities and to support the sharing of information, identification of best practices and key teaching and learning resources, and the development of collaborative activities. Often these teleconferences include special topical presentations by members and guests.

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